WordPress Updates

You need to make WordPress updates on a regular basis to keep your website more secure. Log in to the administrative area and if you see the Updates menu item, it means there are new updates, click on this item:

'Updates' menu item - wordpress administrative area

Next you'll see the 'WordPress Updates' page where you actually make updates by pressing the following buttons, when they available:

WordPress updates page

Sometimes you'll see a circle with a number inside, next to the 'Plugins' menu item in the main admin menu, it indicates how many plugins should be updated:

WordPress Plugins Menu Item

Click on it and you'll see the plugins that are installed on your WordPress site:

WordPress Plugins Page

When you see 'There is a new version of [plugin name] available' message around a plugin, check the corresponding checkbox as in the picture above.

After you checked all the plugins that need to be updated, scroll down to the 'Bulk Actions' drop-down list, choose the 'Update' option, and press the 'Apply' button nearby.

Bulk Actions Drop-Down List - WordPress Plugins Page
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